When You See What This Dog Does In Response To A Crying Baby, You’re Going To Melt!


Dogs have a sense that tells them when someone in the home is sick, tired or frustrated. They will stay on guard around that person until they are feeling right again. Many people who suffer from depression get dogs to keep them moving and from feeling alone.

The dog in this video is very concerned for the crying baby. Though the mother had tried everything to calm the child, nothing worked. When she offered the child a cookie, the baby showed no interest. So mother picked up the cookie and gave it to the dog. The dog took the cookie and offered it to the baby. She gave the dog the cookie several more times. Each time the dog laid the cookie on or near the baby. Each time the dog laid back down watching over the baby.

Studies have proven that dogs get attached to humans much the way that children get attached to their caregivers. It is called the secure base effect. When a child is exposed to a caregiver daily, they develop the secure base effect.

When a baby is growing, they are trying to learn the world around them. The caregiver of the child is the base of their security. No matter who else is around them, they keep a close watch on the caregiver.

Studies have shown that the dog will never desert their secure base. Even if the human totally ignores the dog; the dog will stay near him. The dog cannot be fooled by replacing one person for another, he will always gravitate to their secure base.

Sooner or later, the baby in this video probably fell off to sleep. With the child calmed the little dog will also calm down. He will eat the cookies offered to him and he may stay close to the child for a while but then he will feel free to roam the house.

The child will grow up with the dog. She probably will not give it another thought. Since people outlive dogs, there will come a day when her canine sibling will leave her. She will then realize how much love she received from her little dog. There is not another domestic animal with the dedication and loyalty that the dog exhibits.

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