This pig and this cat are just too adorable to watch. Aww so cute


We have witnessed so many adorable unlikely friendships between animals, and I can assure you that the list is really long. We have seen a fox getting friendly with a dog; we have seen a dog getting friendly with a wolf, we have witnessed tigers and German Shepherds playing together, and so many other friendships between different animals, that I can’t count. The thing is that dogs are not the only animals that get along with other animals. We have also seen cats getting along with dogs, with birds, and the story is about to get even cuter in this video. This pig and this cat are just too adorable to watch.

In the following video you will see a twelve-year old pig named Mortiz B, and the two year-old cat named Leonardo diCatzio. When you will see the two of them hugging under the blanket while sleeping, your heart will skip a beat. I can tell that the pig is having one of the best naps because he has a smile on his face. On the other hand the cat is resting the way she likes to rest.

I can’t really tell if the cat is the one stroking the pig’s face with the paw, but if the cat is really doing it, then I can say that these two share a really strong bond and a beautiful friendship. I know that their situation is a little bit too unlikely, but anything can happen when we are talking about animals. They have way too much love to give, and they make sure to transmit that love to those around them. What do you guys think? Have you ever witnessed something like this live? Do you think animals can get along with other animals easily? Watch the video first, and then you can answer my questions. Enjoy!

Source: Familypet

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