Woman drives 9 hours just to save a sick beaver. The poor animal is so tiny


In Canada, Ottawa a woman drives 9hour just to save ta sick beaver. The Ottawa resident saw a desperate plea on Facebook about an orphaned beaver. The poor animal was sick and he needed a ride to get from where he was, to where they could get him some help. That is when Mary Herbert decided to jump in, and volunteer as a “taxi.”

sick beaverEverything started last  Tuesday afternoon, when the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary sent out an urgent request for a “beaver taxi” to transport the sick dehydrated beaver yearling to another facility some 240 miles away for treatment. Even though the round trip lasted almost 9hours, Mary didn’t back up.

This is what the post read:

“URGENT: I am a sick beaver, and I need a ride from Ottawa to Rosseau.”

sick beaver

As soon as Mary saw the announcement, she decided to volunteer because she wanted to save a life. She thinks that animal lives are way to precious, so they should be helped anytime they need it! After getting the sick beaver here is what she told the reporters:

“It was a beautiful, quiet drive, he didn’t say a word the whole way.”

sick beaver

After receiving the beaver,  the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary director Howard Smith says the beaver arrived “in pretty good shape, all things considered.”

“He’ll be inside now for the winter, because he’s not in the best of condition,” Smith told the Ottawa Sun. “He’s thin.”

sick beaver

After this experience  Herbert wanted to share with the rest of the world who is watching:

“If I can save one beaver’s life, that’s a good thing,” she told the Canadian Press. “There’s a beaver pond where I live and that’s just part of the wildlife that I see, and I like. This fellow, it looks like he’s been orphaned and he needed help.”

Please share the story with your friends and family. The world need more “Mary Herbert’s”

Source: Thedodo

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