Everyone Ignored This Poor Adorable Dog, But Now He’s Turning Heads!


A stray dog was found in Brazil a year ago. He had been abandoned from his family, and for three years in a row he had been living in a gas station. During this time, everyone who would get in and out at the station, would feed him something. Since no one was there to control his eating schedule, the poor dog named Bolinha got obese. When a shelter first found him, he wighted nearly 80lbs. He was a lot overweight and all that extra weight made it really difficult for this dog to walk.
Since he needed immediate help, a shelter decided to put him in a ONE-YEAR diet and exercise plan. Therefore everyday the dog was going to eat 3 small portions of dog food, in total 180 grams. On the other hand he was going to exercise on a daily basis. At first the dog had to walk every day, and get on a water treadmill for 3-5 minutes 3 times per week. As time went by, the exercises added up. Bolinha was doing the treadmill 15-20 minutes 5 times per week.

In one year the dog became healthier, happier, and skinnier. He lost almost 20 pounds, and he looked much better. Even though he has got some extra skin because of the extra-weight, the important thing is that he got back on track. The exercise plan, and the diet will still go on, but the hardest job has been done already. As soon as the dog finishes his diet and exercise plan, his mommy is waiting for him. At this point life could not get better for this beautiful animal. He really suffered for three long years living on a gas station, but his life is going to change forever. The video below will introduce you with all the details, and the different events that took place in Bolinha’s life.

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