When Soldiers Saw A Dog Doing This, They Decided To Do Something AMAZING


The soldiers did something amazing for a stray dog and her 8 puppies. The U.S. Army National Guard Unit decided to fly the big family from Afghanistan to US because they wanted to make sure that the whole family was safe and sound. The reason why they decided to do something like this, is just amazing. It all started back in Afghanistan when the soldiers first meet Shiba (the mother of the puppies.) They told the CNN that their first interaction with SHiba was when she was a stray dog wandering around the streets of Afghanistan. This is how the story started:
The soldiers noticed that Shiba was always looking after them day after day. She used to observe the soldiers when they got out on the field, and she used to wait until late to make sure that they all returned safe and sound to their base. It all lasted a little while, until the dogs decided to take care of her. When her puppies were born, the soldiers used to look after them, and make sure that they all got what then needed. The bond grew very strong day after day, and when they had to leave for US they decided to find a solution and bring Shiba and her puppies to the states.

The good news i that the U.S Army NAtional Guard Unit kept their promise, and they got all the dogs shipped to US. They have been all adopted by now, and they will start their new lives with new families in the best way possible. Even though everything is different in the US, little by little all the dogs will get used to the good life that his ahead of them. For more information and details you should watch the following video which shows an amazing story.

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