When A Race Team Found This Stray Dog, The Most INSPIRING Thing Happened. I’m In Tears!


In a bid to be crowned the World Champion, people always embark on Adventure Racing World Series every year, which comprises of a number of adventure races that are filled with strenuous expeditions. It is often set as a test of endurance in which athletes are expected to display disciplinary abilities to withstand and endure challenging tasks which include, padding, trekking, navigation, climbing, adventure running, kayaking and mountain biking.

This exercise is known to be very strenuous for ordinary humans to undertake however, for the first time in history a desperate dog has chosen to be part of this exceptionally uncomfortable event. The dog seemed to know the task ahead even when its caretakers were compassionately willing to let it go, it still pressed on with a desire and an undeterred vigorous fight to finish.

In the video, the urge to continue as portrayed by the committed dog was undoubtedly the act of the moment, showcasing an uncommon character displayed by a dog which most humans can hardly portray. Little wonder, nature itself had to bless his journey with a happy ending, which proves right the common saying that says “there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

The story revolves around a scruffy stray dog that got determined to journey alongside a team of four humans through thick and thin. Little did Mikael Lindord (the captain of the team) know that his lackadaisical act of kindness to a stray dog could lead to an unbroken union of friendship and companionship.



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