What You’re About To See This Horse Do Will Blow Your Mind


Well, you just will not believe this one unless you watch the video. We can all probably agree that many animals are much more intelligent than we give them credit for but this little video gets top honors for being as strange and unique as they get. Just how many horses have you seen play an electronic piano?

Sapphire looks to be no more than three years old. The horse is gray with a black tail and mane. You see the horse standing in front of a table with an electronic piano strapped to it with bungee strips. Then the horse plays the piano.

The music is not Beethoven or Elton John but it has a recognizable beat and a tune that you can almost make out but just cannot quite remember. The horse plays the piano with its nose and possibly its teeth. The horse plays two different tunes. It is real music not just noise.


The video is definitely as bizarre an animal performance as you will ever expect to see. The virtuosity of the horse is a testament to the close relationship the lady has with Sapphire and the patience she has in training an animal she so obviously loves and is proud of. Keep this one to show your grandchildren because it may be the only chance you get to see a phenomenal performance like this.

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