What The Tiger Is Desperately Trying To Get Out Of The Paper Bag? Too Funny!


One of the easiest ways to get our feline friends to do our bidding is to offer them some catnip. It is a great bribe, one that leads to some hilarious moments. Catnip is much like a drug to these animals and those who have always been curious as to whether their larger counterparts would also enjoy this kitty treat would do well to check out this amazing clip.

Chris Poole, who is the senior keeper at the animal rescue in this clip, took some catnip and headed out into the wilderness one day. His objective was to find out if the larger cats that many of us are afraid to approach enjoy catnip as much as their housebroken cousins.

He fills a paper bag with catnip and leaves it for Alex, a massive tiger who would terrify the vast majority of us if we were to come across him in the wild. Watching Alex lay down on the ground and start gnawing at the bag is one of the most adorable sights that we have ever seen. It almost makes one want to walk up and pet him. It is definitely rare to see a tiger acting this docile.
Judging from the contented look on his face, there are big cats out there who love their catnip. He cannot get enough and he even begins to shred the paper bag, so that he can get every last morsel down his gullet. Alex is not going to leave even the tiniest crumb behind and seeing him in action is just too cute.

The next big cat to find a bag of catnip to tear into is Reno. This animal also attacks the paper bag full of catnip with a certain crazy desperation. This kitty is not going to be denied for one moment. When Reno stops tearing the bag apart and shoots a meaningful look at the camera operator, we have to admit that we totally lost it. If you’d like to see how all of the other cats reacted to the sudden presence of catnip in their lives, be sure to watch this video in its entirety.

Videos like these prove that big cats are not all that different from their smaller family members. If you laughed as hard at this clip as we did, then take a moment to pass it along to your friends and family members. Be sure to share away with your friends on social media, as well!

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