What Happened Right Before This Pup Took To The Stairs Makes This A Must See!


There are certain stories that make us stop in our tracks and realize just how lucky we are to be alive and to have all of the advantages that we enjoy. The story of Holly the three legged puppy definitely falls into this category and the soundtrack that was chosen for this video is certainly appropriate for the occasion.

When she was just five weeks old, she came into Pender Animal Control with her mother in tow. It was clear as day to see that she had a broken leg and if she did not receive an immediate rescue, her long term prognosis was quite grim. The shelter had run out of emergency funding and could not continue to help poor little Holly.

They decided to contact Adopt an Angel, to see if they could provide the help that the pup sorely needed. When the volunteers arrived, Holly was brought in to see a vet. The X-rays proved what was already quite obvious to all of those who were on the scene: her leg was completely broken beyond repair.

The leg had been crushed into oblivion and required an immediate amputation. Fortunately for Holly, a worker at the vet’s office provided her with a foster home to live in after the surgery. Within a few weeks, Holly had turned a serious corner and when we catch our first glimpse of her, she is sprinting around at top speed, as if nothing happened at all.

Those of us who have enjoyed the Rocky films are sure to appreciate this loving homage to the famous “running up the stairs” scene and we are glad to see that Holly has been able to make such a speedy recovery. The world is short on homes for a three legged puppy and Holly was blessed enough to find people who would truly care about her.

Stories like these do not always end well and if you are anything like us, you are happy to see Holly in a situation where she is able to thrive. To find out more about her amazing adventures (and whether she was able to successfully ascend the staircase), be sure to watch the rest of this incredible clip.

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