What The Dog’s Doing Has This Baby Laughing Uncontrollably. And It’s Absolutely PRECIOUS.


A baby’s behavior can be amazing and totally unpredictable. Sometimes they cry uncontrollably and refuse to be consoled until they get what they want. Other times, they laugh uncontrollably when they have fun with their family members. A lot of people find babies crying very annoying, but be assured that there is nothing that can make a person smile quicker than a laughing baby.

Something about a baby’s innocence and cuteness mixed with high pitched laughter makes an infant’s giggling infectious.

Dogs are known as babies best friend, and they have so much in common. Both want the attention of their mothers or owners. Both are amused by little things, and they are also fun to be around.
In the video, the baby is first seen staring at the pet who just wanted to get some popcorn. She appears to be around eight months old and was amused by the pet eating Popcorn. The dog takes the first corn and chews it, and she begins to laugh hysterically, it’s almost contagious. She calms down for a second, and the dog goes for another popcorn, and she begins again. She laughs so hard, and you can see her tiny teeth while she’s at it. Her father must have been quite strong to hold in his laughter when watching his daughter laugh hysterically.

Her father decides to try once more to see if she will respond or be tired from laughing so hard. He gives the dog another popcorn, and she starts a new bout of laughter and almost falls to her back.

This sight is bound to make anyone who has had a bad day happy.

It’s amazing to know that it does not take any extra effort to make babies laugh, and this makes them so adorable. Come to think about it, when was the last time you laughed so hard at simple things? To the little girl, watching the dog eat his popcorn is entertaining, and she laughs like she is watching the funniest comedy show ever.

Whenever an infant laughs for no obvious reason, you wonder why it’s so funny to them. In the end, you will join them and begin to laugh at almost nothing.

Wouldn’t you want to experience such fun which will make you laugh hysterically as well?

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