We’ve Taken A Dog From An Animal Shelter (Personal Experience)


Bird Born, the illustrator who is based in Moscow, creates comics about human-like cats. This time, he tried something new. He adopted a black dog, and the experienced moved him to illustrate his unique experience in a way he knows best.


He and his wife took a dog from an animal shelter and even though the decision was spontaneous, it was the best they had taken. They had no idea about how to care for the little dog. They didn’t know her history, her likes, and dislikes, or if she had an owner or a house in the past.


They weren’t sure if she ate enough in the past or if she starved in the streets. Despite their insecurities, they took up the task. They knew it wouldn’t be easy, and they were accurate.


The poor dog was still shaken from her time on her own. She was easily startled by any noise around her and shrieked whenever she was shocked. She didn’t like abrupt movements and shivered whenever she felt uncomfortable. Darkness was her enemy, one she never wanted to experience if she had her way.


It was challenging but with a lot of love, care and attention, the dog slowly began to come around. They were ready to show her that she was needed and loved by all in their home. She got a truckload of toys, but since she had no idea what they were, they were mangled and left in a terrible state.


In a short time, she began to come out of her shell and became a lively and joyful mutt. With such vigor, she became a bit ill mannered. Chewing on the pillows, shoes, beddings, and drapes. The couch wasn’t spared from the wrath of the black dog; neither was the pot plant, the lamp or the carpet.


They found a solution to her hyperactivity. So they started taking long strolls often to allow her to expend some of that energy. Surprisingly, this worked. It worked for her and the couple as well. They began to experience sunsets they had missed when they stayed indoors watching TV.


They also became more active because of the black dog and exercised more. They taught the dog commands and made new friends as well. Whenever they return home, they are treated to a show.

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