You Will Never Forget What This Poor Dog Went Through Before Being Rescued


Athena is a French mastiff that had to go through one of the worst things in the world. For those of you who don’t know Athena was buried alive by her “owner.”

Luckily she was found from a local who was walking his dog. The guy who found the dog is named Pedro Dinis. He sad that while he was walking the dog, he was another dog covered in dirt. He approached to see what was the dog doing, then he realized that only the head was outside, while the whole body was buried in dirt.


The guy approached even more to find out what happened. As he uncovered the body from the dirt, he saw that the dog had his leash was tied to a sack of gravel that prevented her from freeing herself from hell. Even if the poor dog wanted to escape this cruelty, she had no chances whatsoever.


So Pedro unleashed the puppy from where she was tied up, and gave her some fresh water. The dog looked really dehydrated because apparently it had been buried for man days apparently. Athena3

After she gave the dog some water, he decided to call the authorities about this case. It is really sad to find an aged dog buried alive and tied up to something not to escape in the middle of nowhere. I am really glad that Pedro walked by and rescued her. The dog was in a really bad condition that is the reason why Pedro took her to a Veterinary Clinic V24. There they took care of her, and little by little she fully recovered.

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“Authorities were able to track down the dog’s former owner, a 21-year-old man believed to be responsible for the disturbing incident. He has been charged with animal cruelty, French news outlets report, and now faces up to two years in prison and fines totaling more than $33,000.”

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