Unwanted Senior Pets Enjoy Their Golden Years In This Retirement Home For Dogs


Much like their human counterparts, dogs grow older and when they do, they experience many of the same changes to their health and demeanor. While we would all love to take care of our best friends until the very end, situations arise where elderly humans are no longer able to care for their pets.


In many instances, these pets are forced to live out the rest of their days in a shelter or a foster home. Sher Polvinale decided to step forward and help these animals, creating House With a Heart. The organization serves as a pet sanctuary, providing a home for senior dogs who no longer have a family to call their own.


House With a Heart is the current residence for more than twenty dogs and no expenses are spared when it comes to their care. Sher’s objective is to ensure that the end of the dogs’ lives are filled with joy and affection and she also offers medical care to any of her animals that are in need.


The dogs who reside here are typically shelter animals who have been passed around repeatedly. The sanctuary serves as a final resting place for senior dogs whose owners have passed on and while they may no longer have a home to call their own, the good people at House With a Heart offer them a surrogate family to spend their twilight years with.


While the dogs tend to have expensive medical needs, their expenses are fully covered, thanks to the largess of generous benefactors who contribute donations. Sher wakes up every day at 6 AM to feed all of the dogs and begin the administering of their medications. The individual needs of each animal are catered to and volunteers arrive soon after to play with the dogs and help Sher with the daily housecleaning.


If an emergency arises and one of the dogs is in need of medical attention, House With a Heart’s vice president, Harriet Sackler, transports the animals to the veterinarian. She is the one who is typically present during the dogs’ final moments and while this is no easy task, Harriet does not wish for the animals to leave the world alone.


House With a Heart has created a collection of photographs to commemorate each dog that spent their last days at the sanctuary called Stairway to Heaven. Be sure to share this amazing cause with all of your closest friends and family.


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