Trapped And Alone In A Prison Door. Would Rescue Come Too Late?


The rescue team will never forget her and it is a good bet that she will never forget them either. Because of them, she was freed. Because of their caring, for a little while she was safe indoors. For her short stay, she was given medical care and food and fresh water. The sweet spirit of this dog is evident. We can only hope that some lucky family sees her and adopts her.

Animal Aid Unlimited was founded in 2002 in Udaipur, India. Their mission is to rescue the street animals of Udaipur that are sick or injured and to provide life changing treatment. This service is wonderful for the animals and it protects the people of the community. The workers of Animal Aid Unlimited are working for the day that all animals in India are loved and properly cared for. Animal use and abuse is all too common in India and their mission is to stop it.

Animal Aid Unlimited is staffed by volunteers and is always anxious for more help from caring people. They rely heavily on donations through India and the United States.


All donations are tax deductible through the United States and payments are accepted via PayPal. This is a wonderful and deserving cause and the lives of all types of animals are in the balance.

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