Thousands of people came to pay respect to a fallen K9 German Shepherd


Not so long ago in Oklahoma. USA a police dog was stabbed, and killed by a thief. The German Shepherd  dog named Kye was with this partner when the crime took place. According to the ABC news reporters, Kye was killed because he wanted to save another life, his partner’s. What the police dog did will be forever remembered among the Del City Oklahoma police department.

One of their solders fall while fighting for his country. He was killed while he was trying to prevent a crime form happening, and then from having his partner killed. The reporter adds that thousands of people were gathered at the First Southern Baptist Church to pay their last respect to the hero of the city. The police department did everything they could to make the memory of the German Shepherd dog stay with the city forever, because he passed away as a true hero.

I think that these service dogs have a huge impact in the departments they work n. They show love to their partners like no other. They are ready to get killed just to save an innocent life, and they fear no death. Police honored Kye’s sacrifice and service with this special ceremony because he really deserved it. Thank you Kuy for your huge contribution into fighting crime in the streets of your beloved country. I am really happy to see the special ceremony the Police Department organized in honor of Kye because animals like him truly deserve the best we could possibly give them. Share this beautiful ceremony with everyone, and pray for Kye’s soul to REST IN PEACE!


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