This woman does the most amazing thing to save the little kitty.


Now that the rainy season has begun, it is really hard, not to say impossible, for homeless dogs and cats to survive. It is really sad to think that there is no help for the poor creatures out there that have nowhere to stay. Some things will never change, and the struggles of these homeless poor creatures will never end. As long as there will be life, there will be pain.

But looks like a firefighter crew, some rescuers, and a few locals were determined to do everything they could to save a little kitty. The teeny tiny kitty was stuck in a drainpipe as the rain fell and water levels continued to rise. The little kitty was crying, and as the water level continued to raise, he was crying even louder. The struggle was real for the team to save the little kitty because the drainpipe was a little bit too tight, and the water was a little too dirty. But that didn’t stop the heroine of this story to rescue the little kitty.

In the video below you will see a woman who sacrifices to save the little kitty. She goes into the drainpipe, and gets the kitty. The situation gets a little bad when she was trying to get out of there. That is why the crew pulled her out of the drainpipe. The good news is that both, the woman and the little kitty are safe and sound. As you will see in the video, the little kitty is a little scared from everything, and he is shaking because of the cold. Now the little kitty will get cleaned up, and soon they will try to find a home for him. We wish him the best of luck, and we truly thank the woman who made all of this possible.

Source: Pawmygosh


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