This Tiny Hamster With Broken Arm Will Make You Go “Aww”


In Russia, a veterinary clinic got handed a super tiny hamster with a broken arm. This little fellow had his arm reset and the vet gave him what may well be the world’s tiniest cast.

When this story along with a photo broke, it immediately went viral with concerned viewers all over the world expressing their interest and concern at the plight of this tiny creature. Most feel uplifted that, despite all the ugliness and strife in the world, sometimes people take a step back and just do something nice for their fellow creatures.


In the past, most vets felt there was little to be done when such a small creature broke a limb. Generally the only advice given was to give the pet painkillers and antibiotic. Usually, in the end, the pet had to be put down.


When its owner brought a tiny hamster into a veterinarian clinic in the city of Petrozavodsk, Russia, the vet decided to take a bold step in fashioning a tiny splint for the little fellow.

According to information on , it is not uncommon for hamsters to suffer from broken bones, but because of their tiny size, it is very difficult for vets to treat these little creatures.


Often a hamster’s broken bones comes from getting a leg trapped in their cage or in the running wheel which is usually found inside hamster cages.

Since little is still known today about hamsters, and no one has so far come forward with the name of the patient or the name of the vet who made the tiny cast, the entire procedure that brought this little fellow though and heading for a speedy recovery remains a mystery. Evidently, however, the hamster is in good hands and the entire world has got on board to wish him a speedy recovery.


Something about cute creatures being pulled out of a traumatic situation always pulls at the heartstrings of people all over the world, and seeing this tiny helpless hamster all fixed up with a splint on his broken leg and an excellent prognosis for a speedy recovery and a fun-filled future running on his exercise wheel is guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of viewers all over the world as his story goes viral.

Usually, such small creatures can only be given medication in the hope that their condition will improve. Often however is does not and the end result is sad for both the tiny creature as well as for their owners.


In this rare and unusual case however, a dedicated vet went outside the box to craft a tiny splint after straightening the broken bone and bandaged the little fellow all up, not an easy feat at all for such a tiny creature. His efforts paid off however and all indications point to a speedy return to good health and a happy life ahead for this lucky little hamster.

The entire world, thanks to the Internet, is following his story and wishing him a speedy recovery as well.

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