This Starving Dog Was Ignored, Even In Front Of The Police Station – Then This Happened


This sad story took place in Cartagena, Colombia. A starving dog was sitting in the middle of the streets for days, and everyone seemed to ignore her existence. This starving dog was ignored by everyone who passed by. The worst is that the dog was sitting in front of a Police Station, but they did not care for the well-being of a dog at all. It all stopped when a citizen decided to take a picture of the dog, post it on Facebook and asked for some help. This is what she wrote:

“Could someone with a car please help us, we need someone who is willing to drive us to Playa Blanca to pick up this poor dog up and bring him to the clinic. I will never understand how people can go to Playa Blanca and see a dog in such a horrible state and continue to eat their lunch and not even share a bite of food with the dog. It is inhumane!”

starving dog

Luckily the Cartagena Paws, a local rescue, saw the post and wanted to help the dog as well. They sent a car to get the dog, and decided to treat her until fully recovered from starvation.

starving dog1

As soon as they brought the dog to the shelter they decided to give her a medicated bath, and then a checkup. They were really shocked how skinny the dog was. 

starving dog2

They offered her food, but she refused to eat it. That is when they understood that she was suffering from severe starvation. 

strving dog4

Luckily some fried chicken did the trick. The dog ate some food. 

starving dog5

In a couple of days the dog started getting friendly with the rescuers at the shelter. She even started eating food when they feed her. 

starving dog6

Even though she has a long way to recovery, she is getting better day after day. It is just a matter of time until she becomes fully healthy. We truly hope she has an easy life from now on. 

starving dog7


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