This Pit Bull Mix Was Saved From The Verge Of Death. The Reason He Was So Injured? I’m in TEARS.


When he was first discovered, he did not resemble the same dog that he does today. He had been badly injured in the act of dog fighting and most did not believe that he would live. Even though he lacked the strength to hold himself up initially, the owners of the store where he was found acted quickly and got Jax the medical help he needed to make a lasting recovery.

It took a great deal of time and patience, but Jax was eventually able to heal his wounds and find a forever home, where he could finally be at peace and escape the horrors that he had seen during his past life.

Check out this video, in order to learn about Jax’s escape for a life of dog fighting. Be sure to share this amazing, touching story with a friend or family member as soon as possible and spread the love by sharing this clip to your Facebook page.


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