This little tiny horse was ignored by the others, then his owner buys him the best gift


Have you guys seen the new Amazon Prime TV advertising? If you haven’t then you are lucky enough to watch it below. I just love when different advertisings use animals, in this case a little tiny horse, as attention strategies. I guess it really works out because personally I never get bored of animal in advertises. I can watch them over and over and over, and never get angry. I mean recall Progressive advertises for example? Every time they would be on TV i had to change the channel because they drove me crazy. So annoying, and so full of Sh@t!

Anyways If you want to bring a little smile in your faces more often I have to tell you that little tinny horse will always be an option for you. He is so cute, and adorable and that face expression he has at the end of the advertisement is just priceless.I just want to let you know that this video is here just because of the beautiful little tiny horse, and the cute tale it tells related to him. I don’t want you to take this in the wrong way. And if you like this video, and this little cutie pie, then spread the love. Show your friends the precious creature shown in here.


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