This is the method you should use to give your pet a pill. It works wonders


Many of us who already have a pet, always struggle when we have to give a pill to our little buddies. They don’t really know what a pill is, but they always judge by the smell and the appearance of the strange little evil. And as soon as they see a pill, they refuse to take it no matter what you do. Just a few days ago my sister struggled to give her mixed Husky a pill. No matter how hard she tried “hiding” the pill at the food bowl, putting it inside a sausage, or forcing her to take the pill, Kuko (the dog) ended up spitting it out every single time, and now my sister has to buy another pill for her. This is the method you should use to give your pet a pill.

But this guy has found the perfect solution for all of us who struggle. The has used what they describe as “reverse psychology” to get the puppy to take the medicine. It is really weird to think of how intelligent this guy has acted. All of us know that dogs will do anything we tell them not to, am I right? Well this is what this guy does exactly. He puts the medicine in front of the dog, and yells at him not to take it. Of course it is all acting because this guy wants his puppy to take the pill, more than anything else.

The puppy does exactly as expected. First he takes the pill, and next thing we know, the pill is gone. ow if you are having some issues with giving your puppy the needed medicine or pill, then this video must give you a hand on that. Try it and don’t hesitate to share the outcomes with us. Is it efficient or not? Do share this video with your friends and family, and give them a chance on improving their skills at giving their pets the medications.

Source: Littlethings


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