This is how cats look like when they try to have a battle with the bees. Can you guess who won?


I can’t get enough of these cats pictures. They are way to funny, and I am being sincere here when I say that they are the cutest animals right no LOL. When animals try to have some fight with the bees, I think they have to think about it twice. Tell me what do you think? Are animals faster, and more “dangerous” than bees? These cats might have tried to play instead of having a real fight, but then again bees have no clue what does a game, or a fight mean. IF you try to touch them, then they will just sting you. That’s what they do, its not like they have something with cats, or dogs, or any other animal. In the following 11 pictures you will see how cats look after their fight with bees, and I can assure you that will die laughing LOL

1- I did nothing to her. She just came right in from of me, and next thing I know is that my chin looks like this! chin

2- “Let us please act like adults, and not let a bee ruin our beautiful day. In the end I still look the same, with some additional features, but maybe they will not notice!”nufin

3- Can you tell where did this bee stung this tinny kitten? wtf

4- That hilarious right cheek though.right cheek

5-  That is such a huge chin. big chin1

6- Poor baby and her huge paw. I just think its crazy to see what a bee can do to you! that paw aagin

7- Did you ate the bee, or was the bee trying to get inside your mouth? LOL i hope it did not hurt! eating bees not good

8- Another huge chin. What is it with the chin yo? Still I think you look like a really beautiful cat. And I really mean it! big chin

9- “But i swear, I was just trying to play with her. I said HIGH FIVE and she did this. Is it my fault?”huge aw

10- I honestly believe this looks like the most beautiful cat in the world. I don’t know if you think the same as me, but that nose reminds me of the Dwarfs at the Snow White and the Dwarfs movie. that nose

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