This dog was left in the parking lot, with a bag of dog food. Now he is missing


Jason Diggs said his dog was gone while he was tusking in his baby.  Not so long after that, he saw a really disturbing picture of his dog Tyson on Facebook. The poor Pitbull was photographed outside a dollar store tied up to a short rope. The dog was standing all alone, and he had a bag of dog food as a companion.

“I had no idea where to look,” he says. “I had no idea even what side of town to look. Until I saw that post.”

At first the man thought that his in-laws got the dog and abandoned him in the middle of nowhere. But he had no proof of that.

“He’s my dog,” Diggs says. “I just want to make sure he’s all right.”

Diggs says he has been looking int the Bakersfield, California, neighborhood, even asking local homeless people if they have seen Tyson. Now the hunt for the beleaguered pit bull has gone nationwide.

missing dog

Different shelters in California, and not only, are looking for Tyson, but looks like the poor puppy disappeared very mysteriously! So far nothing has been discovered, and here is what differnt shelters have said about poor Tyson.

“I think when a dog goes missing, we get about 60 calls,” Amy Klein of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, told The Dodo.

“We all have our purpose in life and my calling is to help animals,” Montreal resident Melissa Di Stefano tells The Dodo. Di Stefano has been reaching out to various agencies in California since seeing the post. “I would do anything possible to help any animal in need that’s in this world.”

“We just are concerned for this poor soul that was dumped so heartlessly and we just want to make sure he’s all right or if he needs help we will try to find a solution.”

She isn’t alone. In fact, she has struck up a fast friendship with another social media sleuth, Arizona resident Elaine Ramirez, who has also been trying to solve the sad case of the dog in the night.

“We haven’t stopped for hours trying to find out info,” Di Stefano says. “Not for one second.”

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As for now, we know nothing for baby Tyson, we will have to wait on further notices. We are praying this beautiful soul is alright!

Source: Thedodo

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