This Dog Was Found Chained In A Yard, But That Was Just The Start… I Can’t Believe This!


Its early morning in Pamlico County, North Carolina. The Humane Society is about to make an incredible bust where they’ll find 30 dogs, many of them with fighting injuries and other types of mistreatment signals. We can see these dogs chained outside of the house, some of them are scared, others are receptive.

These dogs have clearly been mentally tortured in order for them to be prepared to fight. This is the house of an illegal dog fighting operation. In the world of crime, this is a very lucrative operation for those with winning dogs, and that is why people do such horrible things. These dogs were forced into a world of violence, without having a choice.

This doesn’t mean these dogs are harmful in any way shape or form, they are simply put in a survival situation in which they need to fight for survival. Let’s be honest, we’d all do the same if we were put in the same position as they are. It’s horrible, we know, but this is the world we live in and this is what people do to win some money.

We can see in the video that some of these dogs quickly show happiness to the rescuers, as all they needed was a little bit of love to start giving some back. Dogs are incredibly nice creatures that love us unconditionally and yet, we stack them against each other for money – some people are just horrible.



Later that same day, another home was raided in Jones County, North Carolina. It was another dog fighting house, where the innocent dogs were forced into a life of violence for survival. The Humane Society managed to get to them with the use of people who informed them of the horrible situation the dogs were facing.

Moreover, people who donate to the Humane Society are actually supporting their cause and these operations. This means that any type of help they get is going to help them free dogs forced into these realities.

Luckily, these dogs are doing to live happily from this point on, as they are going to be given a much, much better life. They will now have enough room to run and play. They’ll have toys to play with. They’ll have absolutely no chains keeping them down and “in control.” Finally, these dogs are going to get a life full of love and, on top of that, they’ll be cherished just like they deserve to be.

Thanks to the Humane Society, these dogs are now going to be able to live the life they deserve to live. Just look at them in the video, and you’ll be able to see that they are full of love to give, they just needed someone to give it to.

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