This Dog Showed Up At The Neighbor’s Door Covered In Blood. But It’s NOT What You Think.


This is an amazing video when you see that Chance is ten years old. See this video how this white American Bulldog saves his best friend. Scott falls on the floor and would have been there a long time if it wasn’t for Chance saving his life. Watch this video and see how this handicapped dog saves Scott’s life. It was so amazing the story was put on the news and they explain how this happened.

This dog is amazing how he jumps into action and saves the day. He is ten years old and has a bad hip but it doesn’t stop him from going to the next door neighbors for help. His best friend saved his life because without the dog’s help he would have not been saved in time. Chance even had blood on his face when he came to get his neighbors but the handicapped dog wasn’t fazed by this at all.


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