This Dog Rescue Is Amazing. But It’s WHY Her Unknown Hero Was There That Broke Me Down.


Most people measure bravery and courage by accomplishment in the military or in sports. Quite often it is the most unassuming people that are the bravest and most willing to put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of another. In this case the other was a Maltese- Shih Tzu named Bibi that is owned by Sue Drummond from Melbourne, Australia.

People take their animals with them everywhere and often do not consider the animal’s size and the effect that weather conditions may have on the animal. Ms. Drummond never expected that Bibi would be blown into the ocean by near 60 mile per hour winds while she and Bibi walked along a pier.

The dog gets tossed out to sea by a gust of wind and is probably fifty yards from the pier. The seas are pretty rough and the little dog makes a valiant attempt to swim back to the pier but Ms. Drummond and most of the other onlookers expect the worst for Bibi.


The look on Ms. Drummond’s face when she gets Bibi back after expecting to see her beloved dog drown makes this video worth sharing. The man that neither knew the woman nor had any fear for his own safety when Bibi was in peril was hugged and thanked profusely. He also received the Compassionate Citizens Award from the Animals Australia group for extraordinary selflessness and bravery.

You have to watch the video to find out why Soemawinata was at the pier on such a foul weather day. It was not a happy occasion. The man put aside personal tragedy to help someone he did not know at all. Somewhere Soemawinata’s grandmother must be smiling and very proud.
Soemawinata is scared by the force of the surf and the height of the waves. His face shows his fear but mastering fear is just a part of courage. Courage accepts fear and compartmentalizes the fear into the back of one’s mind while they deal with the necessities of the moment.

Is Soemawinata a hero? Most people would say he is and certainly Ms. Drummond and Bibi would think so. One has to doubt that Soemawinata considers himself to be heroic. He appears to just think what he did was normal and necessary.
Share this video for the real life drama and the undoubted courage of one individual that took the action needed to save a life. While everyone else just gawked and did nothing, a man in the grips of grief found it within himself to perform a truly selfless act.

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