This dog lost his leg, but never his hope. Such a sad story


Hope for Paws organization has saved another life. This one is a truly sad story to be honest. I am really sad to hear stories like this very often, and I wonder what do these people think when they mistreat these animals. Animal cruelty should be penalized, and everyone who does such things should end up in prison. ANIMALS LIVES MATTER! I will tell you the sad story of a little dog who lost his leg, then you will watch the video. This dog lost his leg, but never his hope. Here is what happened:

Someone called Hope for Paws organization that a dog was brutalized and thrown 30ft down the river canal. Immediately Hope for Paws sent its volunteers to get the injured dog.

poor dog1

The Volunteers picked the dog up. They could tell that he was badly injured and therefore needed immediate help! On their way to the Vet, one of the volunteers named the dog Jordan.

poor dog2

Clearly the dog had been mistreated for a long time. He was malnourished, suffered from mange bacterial and infection. Someone, a cruel person who should not live in this world anymore, decided to cut his paw. This dog lost his leg, but never his hope.

poor dog3

Hope for Paws had to wait for a little while for Jordan to recover from all the trauma, and right after the recovery he was going to have a surgery. This way they would be able to take proper care of his cut paw.

poor dog4

The worst was already over for this poor dog. The surgery was really successfully, and now day after day, Jordan is feeling a little better. His life will never be the same again. I bet he will have a better, healthier, happier life from now on. The following video will show you how this whole story went. Please share share share. People should know what is happening.

Source: Heroviral

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