This Dog Is Not Allowed On The Bed, But Watch What Happens When Nobody’s Around… Hilarious!


This dog isn’t content to just hop on the bed and hang out for a bit. No, they decide that the bed is a romper room of sorts. Watching this dog roll around happily makes you wonder just how they were waiting for this magic moment. This little stunt has clearly been in the planning phases for some time now. This dog was just itching for the moment that its mother would decide to take off.

The video also comes with an incredibly inspired soundtrack, with the Benny Hill tune playing in the background as this dog continues his ridiculous antics. Even though he is very wrong for his actions, it will be hard for you not to laugh and we suspect that the dog’s mother is going to have a heck of a time trying to keep a straight face herself.


This excited dog’s adventures in the bedroom are certainly worth showing to your friends and loved ones and they should be shared on Facebook, too, so that your friends on social media can appreciate the lengths to which an animal will go to be playfully disobedient.

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