This dog is definitely not a morning dog, so here’w what he does before waking up


There are a lot of dogs who like to wake up early in the morning, eat some breakfast, and then just wait impatiently for their owners to wake up. Or they might go the bedroom and wake up their mommy and daddy in their own special way. I would suggest all of you dog owners not to close the door of your bedroom because this will upset your dog more, if he isn’t sleeping with you already. From my own experience I have been able to understand that dogs can sleep by themselves in another room, but they just need to see your bedroom door open. This will make them feel calm, because they can come into your room anytime they want too.

On the other hand many dogs are not morning dogs. They are lazy, want to sleep in every morning, or staying in bed all day would just be a very good idea to them. In this video her, you will see one of these dogs, not a morning dog, who likes to sleep in, maybe more than he likes to go on walks. The dogs is very grumpy, and as soon as he realizes is time for him to wake up already, he just protests in his own way.

He makes a really funny noise, just to let his owners know that he doesn’t want to wake up already. That chubby face is just so cute, and if I as his owner I would let hi enjoy his lazy days as much as he would like. In the end dogs don’t have a schedule to follow, like we do. All they need to do is eat healthy, do their personal business couple of times per day, and make companionship to their family. If you think this video is cute, than don’t hesitate ti hit the SHARE button!


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