This dog is asking for more food in the cutest way possible


Whoever has a dog already knows that dogs love three things more than anything else. They absolutely love their family endlessly, they love to take walks and be outside as much as possible, and last but not least they love FOOD. Yeap folks dogs love foods so much. If you have a dog then you already know that, but if you don’t have a dog, then you will be able to understand what I am saying right after watching the video below. This dog is asking for more food in the cutest way possible.

The name of the dog is Apollo, and judging by his appearance he is just a couple of months old. Apollo here is having an argue with his daddy because he wants to eat more, and daddy is refusing to give him some more food. The way this dog is asking for more food is the cutest way possible. He choses to stay right in front of his daddy, with the empty food bowl in front of him. When daddy asks him: “What do you want,?” he knocks the empty food bowl with his right paw. This is his way of saying: Can’t you see? I need more food obviously.

It is funny to think of it, but this is how grumpy dogs get when they want to eat, or eat more. It doesn’t matter if they ate just a couple of minutes ago, if they are hungry, then you have to feed them more. Otherwise you just have to bare that grumpy cute face of theirs for a little while, until they get what they want. Based on what I said, it is your right to choose what do you want to do. But first you should take a look at this, just to be more convenient that when dogs are hungry, then you just gotta feed them.

Source: Littlethings

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