This Dog Is About To Get The Birthday Surprise That EVERY Dog Dreams Of! Wait For It…


When you own a dog whose company you truly cherish and treasure, their presence is akin to having an extra family member living with you. Dogs are incredibly loyal creatures who lavish owners that treat them well with plenty of love and affection, which their owners are definitely more than happy to reciprocate. Even though they may swipe food off your plate at the most inopportune times and want affection at moments that are inconvenient, a dog will love its owner no matter what happens. The dog in this clip is named Maymo and his family definitely wanted to make his birthday one to remember.

How lucky Maymo is to have a family who loves him so deeply and wants to make his birthday special. As he is taking a well deserved birthday nap, his owner starts to rearrange all of the furniture around the pup, forming a square. During the process of moving the furniture, Maymo simply continued his nap, completely oblivious to what was going on around him. Once the circle had been crafted, his owner’s intentions are finally revealed. He arranged the furniture in this manner, so that he could craft a makeshift box for Maymo to play inside of. From there, he produces an oversize box filled with colorful balls. The balls are then deposited into the homemade box, creating a ball pit that clearly delights Maymo.

This video allows viewers to catch a glimpse of one of the best dog birthdays ever. Maymo is definitely having a ball (pun intended!). Whether it’s jumping around inside of the colorful ball pit, using them as chew toys, or laying on top of them, Maymo is having the time of his young life.

Dogs are loyal creatures and they do not forget any act of kindness that is paid towards them. Maymo will be remembering his owner’s innovative birthday gift idea for years to come and it’s going to be tough for him to top this gift to his beloved doggy. He’d better get back to the drawing board, before Maymo’s next birthday comes along!


Why don’t you join me in wishing the happiest of birthdays to this cute little pup? If you enjoyed this clip of his birthday celebration as much as I did, then be sure to share this video on all of your social networks and spread the love, by passing it on to your friends and family.

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