This Dog Avoided Human Contact For Over 2 Months… And Then This Happened.


This little video is really touching and heartwarming. The lady is still in a wheelchair and braces due to the auto accident when she is presented with her lost dog. The dog had found another dog friend in the desert and the animals were retrieved together.

Ily really refused to have anything to do with a human until she saw her lost owner. Both the dog and the woman are overcome with emotion at a reunion that at least the woman had forsaken any hope of ever experiencing. The dog has no problem recognizing and responding to the touch of her owner despite the fact that the dog had not seen Ms. Sharman for over two months.

You really just have to share this lovely and touching video with all the people you know. The video shows that people that love animals will and do go way out of their way to design inspired methods of fining lost animals in the most difficult of circumstances. The rescuers wanted the stricken woman to have the comfort of her companion during her recovery.

You would want to share this video because it shows that the bond of love between a dog and its owner apparently never fades away. Some would think that after two months on her own Ily would not remember her owner but this video shows just how strong the bond is between animals and people that love each other.


Dogs get traumatized just like people. Even the brain chemical response to severe trauma has been shown to be the same in people and dogs. Share the little video and let someone experience the joy of the reunion of finding a loved one that was thought to be lost forever but has been found.

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