This cow returns to the spot her calf was killed… Every single day


We all know that mother’s love for their children, is the greatest love that has ever existed. In this video you will understand further this Cow’s love for her killed calf. The story took place in the country’s Uttara Kannada district in India, where a bus ran over a little calf. It was an accident, but it has remained with this Cow even after all these years. This cow returns to the spot her calf was killed… Every single day.

India’s Public TV reports: “Four years after a bus killed her calf in a traffic accident, a cow in the  stills visits the spot where her child died every day.” This cow wants to visit the spot where her baby was killed. It is really painful for her to remember that a stupid accident took his life sooner than she could have ever thought. We all should be aware that the way a mother loves her child is the same for all creatures, or at least for most of them. Tis cow is one of these loving mothers, that would do anything to see her baby happy, and healthy.

According to the news station: “She waits for the very bus that took her calf’s life, blocking the vehicle and following along its side.”

“The bus owner tried to change the color of the bus but the cow continues to stop him every time,” writes Gary Yourofsky, who shared footage of the moving routine on Facebook. “She doesn’t stop any other vehicles.” 

I strongly believe that the bond she had with her calf was stronger than what these people could think of. she feels her baby crushed into the bus, and maybe this is how she finds out the bus who ran over him. This is a really sad story, and some people can really relate to the pain of this cow!

Source: Thedodo


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