This Beagle Meets His New Puppy Sister For The First Time…What Happens Next Will Have You Saying…


Louie has to give her a bit of a once over, though. He sniffs Alanis all over, as both of the dogs wag their tails. But the feeling out period does not last too long and before long, the two beagles are already attached at the hip. While all animal siblings do not tend to get along this easily, Louie and Alanis are proud to show the world that they are the exception to the rule.

Watching Alanis and Louie develop such an immediate bond definitely warms the heart. Louie follows Alanis everywhere she goes and when he is not following her, she is following him. It will be hard for their parents to keep them away from one another, that much is for sure. First impressions mean everything and from the looks of it, Alanis has made one heck of an imprint of Louie’s heart. This clip will also leave an imprint on your heart, too.

The video is just a shade under three minutes and just might be the best three minutes that you spend all day, or even all week. To see the rest of the adventures of Louie and Alanis, take the time to watch this clip in its full entirety.


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