They Took A Picture Of Her Every Day. The Results Are Incredible.


Her name is Sweet Potato, and was only 4 months old when she showed up at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley . It was clear from her condition that she had spent most of her young life in pain. This is how Sweet Potatoe looked when she first showed up at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

Everyone at the shelter was shocked when they first saw Sweet Potato. As they could recall, she could be one of the worst managed dogs the shelter has ever received. The shelter Vet Andrea Berger said: “She was startling when you first saw her.”
Sweet Potatoe

Sweet Potatoe1

Since Sweet Potato was brought to the shelter as a stray dog, they had no idea what had happened to her. Since the vet, Berger, thought that she needed extra care, she decided to take her home, and foster her until she recovered. “She had no hair on her body, just infected crusts of scabs and oozing sores,” Berger said. “It was terrible to see, it was really sad.”

Sweet Potatoe2

The shelter wanted to document her recovery, so they took a picture of her everyday. This way they would be able to see how was the treatment going. “Other than her physical appearance she was just lovely,” Berger said. And even though it hurt Sweet Potato to be touched, she was “really affectionate and sweet.”

Sweet Potatoe3

Berger said that once Sweet Potato was settled down, she started showing her sweet, loving gentle character. “She’s incredibly good with children and other dogs,” Berger said. “She even let Lillian dress her up.”

Sweet Potatoe4

Other than the other medical, and social treatments, Berger gave Sweet Potato a medicated bath twice a week. Slowly her painful skin infection began to resolve. “Her hair started growing back,” Berger said. “We started seeing her true personality.” Sweet Potato, it turned out, was a “bit of a goofball.”

Sweet Potatoe5

Once Sweet Potato was fully recovered, they decided to put her up for adoption. It was time for Berger’s family to salute Sweet Potato. “She came very close to being my first foster failure,” Berger said. “We would have very much loved to have kept her.” 

Sweet Potatoe6 It didn’t took long for her to find a home because a woman was really interested in getting her. Her name is Jolie Avenia, and she is a really proud moma. Sweet Potato had a rough life, but she ended up having a loving caring mom that will never put her through the same situation. We are so glad this beautiful dog found a happy forever home.


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