They thought that the dog proof container was the solution, but wait until you see this…


Some think that dogs are really intelligent. Others think that they can outpass dog’s intelligence by inventing a dog proof container. The dog proof container is supposed to keep all the dry food secure and out of pooch’s paws. It looks like a really smart idea because we all know that dogs are way too much into food. If it was for them, then they would be eating all the time. That is the reason why a dog-owner family decided to buy the dog proof container. They thought that the dog proof container was the solution, but you should see what happens when the dog checks the container himself.

I was blown away by this video. I mean it is truly amazing to see these extra-skilled creatures do everything they do. This container was supposed to be the last thing a dog could work, but I guess that they underestimated dog’s intelligence. They did not think of a dog that could open the proof container, until this buddy showed up. His name is MEME and he looks like a really smart dog, who can make the connection between the lines.

It only took him 24 seconds to open up the container. As a reward t the great intelligent gesture he did, he decided to treat himself with a little bit of food. Nothing feels better than having some food after a long tiring nap day right buddy? To all dog lovers/owners out there you all should reconsider your pooches’s intelligence before you spend some extra bucks in a purchase like this. Personally  have no idea how useful this container is, but judging from the video, I would not buy one for myself. I am quite sure that my dog would still figure how to open it. For more details here is the video:

Source: Ilovemydogsomuch

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