They Slowly Approached A Terrified Dog. You’ll Never Forget What Happens Next.


The dog is so afraid of people that extreme measures have to be employed to capture the dog to help it. After a spate of frantic desperation and anger, the dog settles down and the people are allowed to tend to its health problems. It looks like the dog actually remembers kindness from a human at some distant point in the dog’s past.

Hope for paws helped the dog regain its health and loved it back to being human friendly again.

There are two reasons that you must share this video with all the animal lovers that you know and post it on all the social media sites that you visit. The first reason is the video is one of the most touching depictions of the true plight of abandoned dogs that you will ever see. The fear on the dog’s face and the remembrance of human kindness just says things that words will never accomplish.


The second reason that you must share this video is that Hope for Paws needs money to save sick abandoned dogs. Just $5 can go a long way in helping provide shelter, food, and medical care for a dog that was just tossed out on the street like a piece of trash.

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