They Shaved A Homeless Dog. And What They Found Made Me Cry So Hard.


Hollywood Grooming would soon come to his rescue, giving him the second chance that he never thought he would receive. They immediately set to work on fixing Charlie up, so that he could find a forever home and be able to bring joy to the lives of some fortunate owner out there.

They removed all of Charlie’s burn damaged fur and the results are amazing. He looked like a brand new dog by the time Hollywood Grooming was done with him and the transformation is nothing short of amazing. Charlie’s ability to sit still and be patient during his makeover is a testament to his calm demeanor, which bodes for his potential for adoption.

If you would like to see what becomes of Charlie after his incredible makeover, then be sure to watch the remainder of this clip. Dogs like Charlie suffer through their lives at high kill shelters every day and this clip is a sobering reminder of this reality. Pass it on, so that awareness can be spread.



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