They Put A Blind White Dog In Bed. When The Brown Dog Does THIS, I’m In Tears!


A little while ago two dogs were discovered in a sea tunnel in UK. The dogs were both senior, and they were abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Buzz the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his friend Glenn the Jack Russell Terrier have a really strong bond, and their friendship is stronger that some people could ever think.  Glen is blind, and Buzz plays the role as Glen’s eyes. Buzz helps Glen to find his food, stay safe, and even directs the poor blind dog to his kennel before a night’s sleep.
best buds

best buds1

The good thing is that this wonderful pair were rescued, and being cared at the Stray Aid centre. The staff is really hoping to find a forever home for the two senior dogs. They will accept to have these two up for adoption under one condition: that they’re adopted by the same family. It is really difficult for these two puppies to imagine life without one another. They say that the pups become distressed when they’re apart, even for a few minutes.

best buds2

Luckily the shelter is going to keep the dogs, until they find them both a safe, loving, quiet home that will take really good care of the puppies. We all can imagine the struggle Glen has to get adjusted to a new environment because of its disabilities. Can you imagine him living without its own eyes, Buzz? Well i thought so too. In the following video you will get introduced to these two senior pups. Their story is really amazing, but their relationship together is even greater. Please do not forget to share this inspiring story. I would like to let people know that we all should learn for this pure long lasting friendship. People should get inspired by these two dogs, and start appreciating their friends a little more.

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