They Invited The Dog To Sit At The Dinner Table… But Keep Your Eyes On The Baby!


Once a baby starts laughing, it is almost impossible for them to stop. Best of all, their laughter is contagious and spreads quickly to everyone else in the room. This is definitely true of the Melloway family, who is trying to enjoy a normal dinner when all heck breaks loose.

You see, baby Chase has already discovered (thanks to his mother) what

takes some of us years to realize: that dogs will eat just about anything off your plate. When there is something that we don’t like, such as the green beans in this clip, we can simply feed them to your canine companions.

We are not sure why Mom has decided to throw them into the air for the dog (who is named Zoey) to catch with her mouth, but we are glad she did, since this is one of the funniest clips we’ve seen in a long, long time. Listening to a child’s laughter is like chicken soup for the soul and this video provides a heaping helping.

For Zoey’s part, she is definitely ready for her close up and this is one pup who knows how to play to her crowd. To her, this video represents two different dreams coming true: her dream of having a captive audience for her antics and her dream of receiving a free meal of people food.

Zoey’s quite the bold dog, too, as she refuses to let the moment pass. As soon as Mom decides to stop throwing green beans into the air for Chase’s amusement, she starts barking her head off. She wants Mom to keep throwing the beans and she doesn’t care who knows it! Her ability to snag them out of the air is commendable, though, and this is a show that needs to be taken on the road.

Watching this little boy have the time of his young life is the undeniable highlight, though. One of the best parts about having children and watching them grow up and enjoy their surroundings. It is safe to say that we are watching an amazing friendship blossom right before our very eyes. Chase and Zoey are going to sharing adventures for years to come.

If you’re in need of a good laugh after a long day, then this clip is just what the doctor ordered. Be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and family members as soon as possible!

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