They Follow A Deer To This Spot In The Woods. And Then They Notice THIS…


Birth, especially in the wild, is a rare sight to behold. This video shows how the life a fawn begins. The deer, after being pregnant for seven months knew it was time to give birth and was already in labor. The hind legs of the fawn can be seen already coming out of the deer. The pregnant deer, of course, knows that the location she was in would not be perfect for the birth, and so she holds on and begins to search for the perfect spot.


The ideal place would be one which was well covered with grass and possibly near a stream in the forest. After searching for a while, she spots the perfect spot and bends down.

She starts to push as she gets down and the hind legs of the fawn come out further. She knows that she needs to be in an upright position to support the fawn in slipping right out. She is probably a young and inexperienced deer and is shown by the way she tries to rest while pushing the fawn out. The deer can be seen pushing tirelessly, and the legs of the fawn come out as she struggled. The deer seems tired but doesn’t give up. She continues to push while lying on her side. She manages to keep on pushing, and the fawn slides out.

The frail offspring comes out helpless and lies lifeless on the ground for a few minutes. The deer immediately gets up to lick her new fawn, and as she licks him, the fawn becomes a bit stronger and tries to stand up straight. She does an excellent job of licking the new creature all over, and the fawn looks clean and dry. The new mother deer has done her first duty as a mother and now she has to find a way to lead him towards her so she could feed him. The new deer struggles to stand up and fails severally. The infant deer must stay close to its mother at this point as it is helpless and can be an easy target for predators.

When a deer goes hunting for food, the fawn stays hidden in the breeding ground in the forest where he was birthed. It is not to leave that location until it is strong enough and has the necessary survival skills.

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