They decided to pick this shelter dog. Here is the reason why…


I truly believe when they say that sometimes a picture is worth a million words. In this post you will see how that is proven. We are talking about shelter dogs, and if you have ever been to a shelter you have probably faced something similar to this story. The High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) decided to visit the City of Portales Animal Shelter in New Mexico, where they saw something really sad. Out of all those dogs they decided to pick this shelter dog and post it on their Facebook page. Here is the reason why:

sad dog

You all can see how sad this poor dog looks. He is impatiently waiting for someone to go and pick him up from the shelter. He looks so tired of this place. He would like to find a home, and a loving family that will take care of him just how he deserves to be treated. From this picture you can see how he is talking to the volunteer who passed right in front of him. I guess he is saying: “Please adopt me. I need a home, I need a family!”

As soon as HPHS volunteers posted this photo on Facebook, dozens of people started calling the City of Portales Animal Shelter in New Mexico. They all were interested in adopting. Luckily in a really short period of time, someone went to the shelter, and adopted the dog. We still don’t know what she named her, but we all know that this dog got what she wanted: A forever loving home.

sad dog1

I really want to share these kind of news everyday with you. I hope people would become a little bit more interested in shelter animals, rather than those at the animal shops. We all should help these poor creatures find a home. Share with everyone who would love to hear a story like this!

Source: Heroviral

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