These cats have big hearts filled with so much love. Here is the proof


Those who already have a cat, know very well that they are a little bit complicated. They are highly energetic, they want to be everywhere and they want to do anything they want. I have said it before that cats are very demanding, and they really are. If they want to do something, they will just do it. And if they want you to do something for them, they will meow for as long as it will take you to do it :P But all this does not necessarily make them mean. Cats can be really sweet and generous. In this post I will prove it to you that these cats have big hearts filled with so much love.

1- “I wanna be here with you, and watch everything you do. This way I can learn and help you out in the future OK?”

2- Best friends bath together. There is no way out of this. But this little kitten doesn’t look really pleased from this tradition. she would rather be chasing the dragon flies outside. 


3- She watches after the baby because she wants him to be safe and sound. She craves so much love of the baby and she has to be there anytime for him. cats9

4- Looks like these two cats are just adoring the sleeping baby. To them he is really precious and special! cats8

5- This cat will go wherever her daddy is going. She wants to be always there for him, and experience everything together. Such a strong bond! cats7

6- These two are definitely partners in crime. I don’t know which one is the messier, but they both look like trouble! cats6

7- “I gotta stay here all day and watch the baby. there is no way I am letting her alone! She is too little to be left alone!” cats5

8-First love will never be forgotten. I believe that these two have been together for a very long time. cats4

9- “We play Princesses, and today  was the Princess. The little girl loves this game, and I have to play with her.! cats3

10- Travel buddies, life partners, and best friends for life! 

11- Such a beautiful picture of these two little angels, and their adorable guards. 


Source: Heroviral

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