These 11 unlikely friendships are just something you haven’t seen before


Do you guys feel like friendship knows no limits? What I am trying to say here is that we are not destined to have one type of friends in our lives, but we can actually choose our friends in our own terms. For example, people always say that girls and boys can’t be real friends in real life, I would say that is not true. Or for example I have always been the type to surround myself with older people. I like to think of myself as an adult, and these type of friendships made me feel more complete.

I bet almost same standard applies for animals too. Animals are not destined to become friends only with their species. There is no law of Mother Nature written somewhere that prohibits one specie to stay with another. The point I am trying to make is different species form really interesting friendships with one-another, and sometimes the outcome of this friendship is just too cute to miss.

In the pictures below you will be able to see different animals with their best friends. They do not care if they are not suppose to be with one another, or if these types of friendships are very rare. When you feel love or affection for someone else you just have to let him or her know that. Life is much more beautiful because of animals. I am saying this because they stay true to who theory are. If they believe in something, Friendship in this case, they will not stop that relation for nothing in the world. To them happiness comes firs, and I totally love that. I love the innocence of these animals, and the pure should they have. Our world needs more of that! I hope you enjoy the photos below, and don’t hesitate to share!

1- Fox and Catcat and fox

2- Dog and Owldog and owl

3- Elephant and Dogelephant dog

4- Dog and Foxfox and dog

5- Goat and Catgoat and cat

6- Lion and Doglion and dog

7- Lion, Bear and Tigerlion tiger beer

8- Monkey and Pigeonmonkey and pigeon

9- Orangutan and Dogorangutang and dog

10- Tiger and Chimptiger cubs and a Chimp

11- Wild Boar and Dog

Der circa fuenf Wochen alte Keiler Manni spielt am Sonntag (10.05.09) in Ehringhausen mit der Jack Russell Terrier Huendin Candy. Seit der Frischling Manni von einem Jaeger verlassen im Wald gefunden wurde, wird er von Hand aufgezogen und fuehlt sich in seiner neuen Rotte sauwohl. Foto: Sascha Schuermann/ddp

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