These 10 cats love to stand on their two feet. Number 8 is my favorite


We all know that cats can be really amazing. They do have a playful side, and they live their life the way they want to. I prefer to call them as the “I want to dominate the world” kind of pet. In this post you will meet a few amazing cats. These 10 cats love to stand on their two feet, and they are really professionals at it. If you have never seen a cat standing on their two feet, then you should take a look at the pictures below!

1- “Our neighbors are the weirdest people in the entire world. I just don’t get them.”cat13

2- What am I doing in life? Why am I standing here? Should I stop torturing the dog? cat12

3- I just don’t get it man. Why do they keep staring at me like this? Do I look weird or something? 


4- “And then mommy started standing like this during dinner. I just don’t know why she kept her hands like this the whole time. cat10

5- “I am just trying to see what is happening in the backyard. The thing is I wish I was taller than this!” 


 6- “I think I saw mommy’s car. I think she is home already! Should I tell the kids or nahhh?” cat7

7- “They think I am weird because I stand on my two feet. They don’t understand that I feel better this way!” cat6

8- “So you are telling me that standing like this is not normal for a cat? But why mommy I like it, and I feel really comfortable.”cat8

9- “Did she just open a bag of potato chips? Are you going to give me some sweet hooman? You already know i love you right?” cat5

10- “I really don’t understand what you are trying to say.” 


11- “Are you seriously laughing at my little toy? What a heartless person. Shame on you!”

Source: Thedodo

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