There Are No Words For The 1:18 Mark Of This Video, But Right After That… Oh My Goodness.


The Cairn Terrier species of dogs are known to be lively and loving dogs which originated from the Scottish Highlands. These dogs have strong historical background as they are known to be one of the world’s oldest species of terrier dog breeds. These dogs which have been recognized as one of the earliest working dogs in Scotland have been used for burrowing and hunting prey among the cairns.

In the video, a dirty and unkept Cairn terrier dog was found in the street. At a glance, it was certain that the dog lacks proper care and it was evident that the dog had no family as it was obviously homeless. On sighting the rescue team, the dog immediately hid himself under a trailer.

Reports from neighbors around revealed that the dog had been left alone to cater for itself after its owners relocated from the neighborhood while leaving the dog behind. Hmm, how heartbroken the poor dog must have felt? However, it was left to live with the pain and sorrow for almost a year until this fateful day when it was stumbled upon by a rescue team of two people from the Hope For Paws organization.





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