The Moment He Saw This Dog In The Shelter, Something Unbelievable Happened


The veteran in this video is named David Sharpe and like so many other veterans out there, he is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. He dedicated six years of his life to serving in the United States Air Force and his troops were deployed after the horrific 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately, all of his friends were not able to make the trip back home with him.

He carried this pain with him everywhere he went, to the point where his friends and family wanted very little to do with him. Instead of kicking back and enjoying a cold one with his buddies, David would circle the bar and wait for a person to look at him in the wrong manner. It was clear that he was still itching for combat, as a means of suppressing the pain he felt over his lost friends.

Sensing that David was in need of a companion, one of his friends suggested visiting a pit bull rescue. It was there that he met Cheyenne, who made an immediate impression on the grief stricken veteran, by coming right over to lick his hand. How could anyone resist a face that cute?


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