The Dog Sitter Filmed This While They Were On Vacation. They Had NO Idea It Happened At Their House!


This video demonstrates the unique personality of one dog, but captures the heart of our K9 friends adorably. They speak to us in their own special and unique way. You will see affection demonstrated, not spoken. Excitement in his eyes all because he gets your attention. You’ll find that you can’t just watch it once and will share it with other animal lovers you know that will enjoy seeing playful Skylar enjoy time with is dog sitter and act like the inner puppy both parties truly are at heart.

Isn’t it funny how so many times we take our animal friends for granted? They provide countless hours of joy and the comfort that they can provide is unlike what we can find within our species. They share their emotions vocally sometimes, but most notably with their body language. They jump up and down, wag their little tails and lick like crazy. From running in circles, to just gazing up at you, their eyes insisting that they love you more than anyone can possibly love you. You are their world, though generally they are just a part of yours.


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