Someone Chained Their Dog Up For 10 Days Because They Said He’s ‘Diseased


Duke the dog was dealt a bad hand in life. The poor pup was left chained to a broken down trailer in a village somewhere in Bulgaria by people who warned everyone to stay away from the beleaguered animal due to “disease”.


Due to these warnings, Duke was left completely alone for ten days and his prognosis seemed grim. However, a woman who resided in the village decided to take pity on him and would eventually intervene. She contacted Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, so that they could provide Duke with the assistance he needed.

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Tony Rowles, the co-founder of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue would soon arrive on the scene. By the time he made his way to Duke’s resting place, the poor dog was covered in his own feces and the flies were beginning to circle.


Duke was wise enough to know that a guardian angel had arrived and he kissed Tony’s hand as soon as he got a chance to. While Tony’s shelter was full when he found Duke, he could not bear to leave the dog chained up and decided to bring him home, to spend time with other cats and dogs.

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As it turns out, Duke was not sick or diseased at all. The only problem that he had developed was a paralyzing fear of men. He took to Tony’s wife immediately, but struggled to trust his true rescuer. Both of Duke’s legs were broken and the couple made sure to offer him all of the medical care needed.

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From the looks of it, the injuries to Duke’s legs were inflicted upon him in a purposeful manner. Not only were his knees bent, but his feet were also shattered and the ligaments were all but gone. The chain that he was forced to wear had left him malnourished and Duke developed a persistent cough as a result of this inhumane treatment.


After a few surgeries and some tender, loving care, Duke was finally ready to be adopted by a loving family. He now lives in England with a loving mother who was more than happy to offer the first happy home that he has ever known. The dog who was once deemed an “untouchable” by a Bulgarian village is now living the life that he has always dreamed of.


We are glad to see that Duke’s story ended happily. Be sure to pass this story along to raise awareness about the dangers of animal cruelty.


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