Soldier Turns Around To See His Former Military Dog Running Toward Him


Some dogs have a mission in life. Taylor or Tay-Tay was a military dog who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan searching for hidden explosives. The dog was so good at what she did that the Taliban had a bounty on the dog. Sergeant Tom Hansen and his protector and companion were separated from each other after his last tour of duty in Afghanistan.

This touching video shows the liberation of Taylor from a military dog compound and the joyful reunion of Taylor with Hansen. Photos of the two from the war show just how close the pair had been. Hansen readily admits that his life without the dog had a piece missing. That piece is no longer missing.

The men and women who handle dogs in battle are normally given preference in adopting the dogs that they served their country with. The process is expensive and time consuming and many of the former military companions never are reunited.

Molli Oliver, a retired airline hostess, dog lover, and devoted supporter of the military, made it her mission to facilitate the reunion of men and dogs that served in war together. She spends her own money to find the men and the dogs and arrange the transportation needed to bring them back together.

It is difficult to tell who is more overjoyed at the reunion. The yellow Labrador instantly recognizes her former companion in war even though they had been separated for well over a year. The man cannot hold back tears of joy as he finally gets to have his dog back forever.

Share this video with any animal lover and anyone in the military and you will make their day. This is a poignant and touching tribute to the dogs and men that risked their lives to protect others from harm in war. They are both heroes but neither will admit it.

You need to share the video so that Ms. Oliver gets the recognition and support that her most worthy endeavor deserves. Oliver may resist being called heroic but the time, effort, and money that she has spent in bringing four pairs of war heroes back together deserves more than a bit of recognition.

Veterans and veteran dogs need each other. That bond of companionship and protection formed in the terrors of war can be a source of healing and comfort that no human can provide for the person or the animal.

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